About Us

About PACS Ltd Clean-up operation:

The release assessment prepared by PACS Ltd from the initial visit will provide the answers to several important questions:

  • Has the oil migrated down into the soil?
  • What type of soil is present?
  • Is the soil porous like sand or impermeable like clay?
  • Are there drinking water wells in the immediate area?
  • Has the leak impacted the internal of the dwelling?

PACS Ltd primary objective of cleaning up an oil leak is to contain or remove the affected areas.

A number of techniques used by PACS Ltd to accomplish this are as follows:

  • Excavating contaminated soil
  • Recovering pooled oil from an internal spill or off ground water in an open excavation
  • Using bioremediation additives to speed up natural microbe consumption of oil
  • Employing chemical oxidation or other innovative technologies
  • In-situ bioremediation techniques

It is our experience that spills that have had time to spread to groundwater are significantly more expensive to remediate.



Our core team competencies at PACS Ltd include:

  • Chemical Safety Awareness
  • Hazardous Chemical Spillage
  • Spillage Response Training
  • Traffic & Road Management
  • Relevant supervisory management
  • Construction equipment
  • Chemical (atex) Mapping
  • Location Underground Services
  • Confined Space Training
  • Environmental, (Protection, Recovery, Reinstatement)
  • Waste Transfer
  • • In house Environmental Scientist